TikTok is known for its creative dances, hilarious videos, and new era of stars. To some, it’s also the place to go for shopping inspiration, especially when it comes to finding new home, kitchen, and beauty hacks. 

Many of these ideas live under the hashtag #FoundItOnAmazon, which users add to their captions when they’ve, you’ve guessed it, found a clever new item on Amazon. There are thousands of videos under this tag, and all together the posts have accumulated more than 706 million views. After scouring through pages upon pages of these finds, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 that are actually worth buying. 

These beloved tools are time-savers and life-changers, ranging from intense foot peel masks that close to two million users have viewed, to toothbrush holders that have chalked up more than five million views — and prices start at just $8. 

Below, check out 10 viral TikTok gadgets, from home goods to electronics to beauty finds, that are actually worth buying. 

Before TikTok, a toothbrush holder going viral would’ve sounded crazy. But a video containing this elegant bathroom accessory has racked up 5.3 million views thus far, and it’s easy to tell why. A sleek addition that doesn’t take up any precious counter space, the holder can keep up to five toothbrushes in place, along with rinsing cups. Plus, there’s a slot that dispenses toothpaste with one simple push. 

There’s nothing more annoying than chopping up round fruits or veggies and having them roll off the counter. Not to mention, it takes so much longer to slice through foods like cherry tomatoes and grapes. But the Zip Slicer simplifies the process and minimizes the mess. 

The tube-like tool slices through soft, round foods in seconds, able to fit about a handful at once. You’ll see on TikTok that all it takes is one forward motion to get the job done — now that’s meal prep made simple. 

When it comes to pulling hot items out of the microwave, sometimes spare towels won’t cut it. Enter the Safe Grabs silicone mats, the multi-purpose tool that functions as an oven mit, splatter guard, trivet, and more. They’re a clever must-have that every kitchen needs — one TikToker even used them as a grip to loosen jars.  

This grossly satisfying foot mask has garnered nearly two million views on TikTok after user @jleesterr posted a video of her peeling foot. “Y’all do yourself a favor and get this from Amazon,” she captioned the post. 

It seems to be just as big of a hit on the online storefront; nearly 3,700 shoppers gave the foot mask — which can help remove calluses and dead skin — an average 4.4-star rating. 

Cracking out an ordinary ice tray can be a lot of work. The plastic molds break easily, and more often than not, it seems like the ice sticks to the tray rather than gliding out like it’s supposed to. But the Oneway mold functions the way that all ice trays should thanks to its smart rounded design. Simply fill water around the silicone bucket, and when the ice is ready, pull the inside out. Then you can press on the tray (or roll it around on your counter surface), and perfectly shaped ice spheres will come out. 

Along with using it as an ice mold, Amazon shoppers have used the tray to shape ice cream, sorbets, and other frozen treats. It’s an easy way to create bite-sized snacks without getting your hands messy.

Whether you’re locking up electronics for the night, saving money for the week, or keeping valuable documents safe for a few days, this affordable safe is a useful household gadget that’s bound to come in handy for something. Available in four colors, the electronic safe works with a timer to lock items for whatever duration of time you need, ranging from one minute up to 10 days. 

More than 352,000 TikTok users have watched this clever item in action, which might be why some sizes are already sold out. But there’s still time to shop large and extra large sizes before it’s too late. 

You know those things you never knew you needed until you used them? That’s the Yueshico watermelon slicer. The now-viral kitchen tool has more than 3 million views on the social media app, and many of the comments reveal how astounded and impressed users are with it. 

Instead of breaking a sweat chopping through thick watermelon skin, you can use this hack to slice through the fruit quickly and precisely. The gadget chops the watermelon into even, rectangular shapes that are the perfect size for snacking. 

Cooler weather means dealing with issues like chapped, peeling skin, especially on the lips. Instead of picking at them, this $5 exfoliator gently removes flaky skin to reveal a more hydrated, soft pout. You can use it like a toothbrush (but on your lips) and pair it with moisturizing products like vaseline or lip balm for smooth results.

Imagine having the ability to remove an annoying bug bite in minutes without the use of topical products. The Bug Bite Thing allows you to do just that, suctioning out insect venom and stopping any annoying itchiness or irritation. It’s handy for outdoor adventures, like beach or camping trips, and is safe for kids. 

You might’ve heard of — or even used — back scratchers, but what about a back shaver? The long rod gently removes hair from your back with every stroke. It’s designed with blades that work gently on wet and dry skin, so you don’t have to worry about accidental cuts, either. It takes all the awkward guesswork out of grooming — just ask the 90,000 TikTok users who have witnessed how well the baKblade works.

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